Public Works

Housing And O&M Director

Tracy Harnack is the Public Works Director for Mattagami First Nation. She is a long serving member of the community who has been involved in several local programs and services in health and administration.

The Public Works Director office is now located at the Fire Hall which is now the Public Works office for the community.

The Public Works Office can be contacted by phone at 705-894-2201

Mattagami FN Public Works Building

Mattagami FN Public Works Building

Public Works Maintenance Worker

Gerald Luke
Gerald Luke
Housing & Maintenance Worker

Gerald Luke is the Public Works Maintenance Worker. He started this position in 2007.

Luke is responsible for the maintenance and servicing of First Nation owned buildings and infrastructure. These include community owned homes and houses for Elders maintained by the First Nation. Maintenance provided include upkeep of utilities, repairs and regular servicing.

Luke also takes part in regular training and workshops to add to his work experience and education. In 2009, he attended a Tangible Capital Assets workshop, a government training program that provided guidelines on reporting capital assest for the Ontario government.

He is also involved in community fire safety initiatives. In 2009, the First Nation recieved a new fire truck funded by the Ontario First Nation Technical Services Corporation as well as fire equipment for a volunteer fire crew. To add to this infrastructure, training is also being provide to interested community members who want to take part in the volunteer firefighting team.

Mattagami First Nation home

A typical home in Mattagami First Nation

As part of his duties he regularly seeks out funding and support services that are needed to complete building and maintenance projects.

Housing Services for Mattagami FN can provide assistance to community members who want to build their own home in the First Nation. Community members who are interested in building their own home are invited to meet with Gerald Luke to discuss the options on where and how to start construction of a new home in the community.

One of the projects that Luke is concentrating on at this time is the upgrading of electrical services for the local Mary Jane Memorial School in the community. The upgraded service would allow for the installation of a more modern and efficient heating and cooling system.

Kevin Perreault has joined the Public Works Department as a Heavy Equipment Operator, as part of a Wabun Training & Employment program.

Water Treatment Facility

Mattagami FN Water Treatment Plant

Mattagami FN Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant is managed by Josh Luke, Water Treatment Plant Operator.

The infrastructure of Mattagami First Nation includes a modern water treatment plant. The facility was built in the spring of 2008 and was actually part of a five million dollar infrastructure upgrade for the community which also included a power system upgrade. The renewed water delivery system allows the community to provide for safer drinking water and a reliable supply for fire hydrants and public buildings such as the school and administration complex.

The water treatment plant is managed by a Water Treatment Plant Operator who recieves training in the management and operation of the facility. The Water Treament Plant Operator is Josh Luke.

Renovations and upgrades are currently being carried out to the community’s water treatment facility. Upgrades being carried out deal with sand filteration issues. The renovations are designed to allow more efficient system of water delivery for the community. The upgrades are expected to be completed by the spring of 2012.

Janitorial And Cleaning Services

Carol McKay
Janitorial Services

Office cleaning and daily maintenance is provided by Carol McKay.

Janitorial services for the Mary Jane Memorial school is also provided by Myra McKay.