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The Mattagami FN Trust Committee (back row L-R): Dorothy Naveau, Gary Naveau, Darelene Lafontaine and Tracy Harnack (front row L-R): Greg Luke, Jennifer Constant and Cathy Naveau

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Purpose of the Trust

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The First Nation and the Trustees acknowledge that the Trust Property is intended to be held and shall be held as long-term asset for the use and benefit of the Beneficiaries.  The Trustees shall preserve the capital value of the Trust Property in accordance with the terms of the Mattagami First Nation Community Development Trust, taking into consideration inflation and other economic conditions from time to time which in the opinion of the Trustees and their investment advisors affect the real value of the Trust Property. The Trustees shall administer the Trust in accordance with the terms set out in the Mattagami F

irst Nation Community Development Trust Agreement to enhance among other things, the growth and capacity of the First Nation in respect of community development, health, education, economic development and cultural development of the First Nation and its members.

The Mattagami First Nation Trust is compromised of 7 Trustees.  Three (3) Community Resident Trustees;  One (1) Community Non-Resident Trustee;  Two (2) Appointed Trustees; and One (1) Independent Trustee.

One of the roles of the Mattagami First Nation Trust is to determine where to invest the annual interest earned from the Trust.  In 2009, a qualitative assessment of past projects was done by Ross Pope Inc. The Trustees have decided to refocus project funding based on the report.  The Trust uses this evaluation as a guide in funding decisions.  The following is a list of the most recent funded projects:

• 2008 MFN Cemetery Project
• 2009 Elders Disbursement
• 2009 MFN Housing Project
• 2009 MFN Co-Management Project
• 2010 Mattagami Homecoming Gathering 2011 Powwow
• 2011 MFN Health Department – Complex Bathroom Upgrade Project
• 2011 $500 Education Bursary upon completion of GED
• 2012 Mattagami Powwow

Annual Newsletter

The Mattagami FN Trust committee provides regular updates to keep members informed on the committee’s activities.

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Mattagami Trust
Mattagami Trust Newsletter 2015-16

Mattagami Trust
2014 Mattagami Trust Newsletter1

Trust Information

The Mattagami Trust Executive has designed a presentation to provide information and details on the Mattagami Trust. To view the presentation please click here.

In July of 2011, the Trust passed a motion to establish an education bursary.  A band member over the age of 21 that earns a GED on or anytime after August 1, 2011 can receive a bursary of $500.

To receive your bursary, a copy of the diploma can be sent to:

Mattagami First Nation Community Development Trust,
c/o Jennifer Constant
P.O. Box 382
Gogama, Ontario
P0M 1W0

For more information you may contact Jennifer Constant at the Mattagami First Nation office at705-894-2072 or toll free at 1-888-269-7729

A copy of the Mattagami Community Development Trust Document is available to Mattagami First Nation Members please contact Jennifer Constant, Chairperson at 705-894-2072 or toll free at 1-888-269-7729

As per the Trust Agreement, the Trust also produces for Mattagami First Nation Members an annual audit report. To obtain the most recent copy, please contact Jennifer Constant.
Contact Information

Mattagami First Nation Community Development Trust
P.O. Box 382
Gogama, Ontario
P0M 1W0
705-894-2072 or toll free at 1-888-269-7729