Lands And Resources

James Naveau
James Naveau
Lands & Resources Liaison Worker

Mattagami First Nation is active in numerous resource development projects and initiatives taking place on their traditional territories.

James Naveau, First Nation Councillor, is the Lands and Resources Liaison for Mattagami First Nation. He is involved in representing the community in many different types of lands and resources initiatives currently taking place on First Nation traditional lands. These projects include major mining developments that have occurred in the past few years as well as forestry projects and hydro electric power projects.

Currently, Naveau is involved in a project with Ontario Power Generation, as well as mining projects currently under development and with exploration projects with other minor companies operating on traditional lands. He also sits with planning teams with the Ministry of Natural Resources concerning development of forestry operations in northeastern Ontario.

“Our community has been involved in many negotiations and agreements. In the past few years, there has been more development and our First Nation has become more involved in the increased activity not just in mining but in forestry and hydro development projects. Our main goal in representing our community in all these developments is to ensure that our people are given a fair deal that will benefit our First Nation,” said Naveau.

As well as keeping Chief and Council informed on resource development issues, he represents the community in many different ongoing and planned projects for mining, forestry and hydro development.

He invites community members who have any questions or concerns about resource development issues to contact him at the Mattagami FN administration office.