The Health Department is a major service sector that is part of Mattagami First Nation administration. The health care staff provide numerous services and programs to promote, encourage and maintain a healthy lifestyle for community members.

Health Director

Eileen Boissoneau
Eileen Boissoneau
Health Director

Eileen Boissoneau acts as the Health Director to manage the community’s health care department staff and programs. In addition, Boissoneau is also the Community Health Representatives (CHR) to assist community members in accessing and utilizing different health services and programs. She has a long background in working in health care services for Mattagami First Nation. Boissoneau has worked for the health care department since 1989.

She provides assistance in health care programs including immunization, home and community care, school health and a diabetes program. She is also involved with the community crisis team, a local front line care service that provides support to community members in times of difficulty and emergency situations. In addition, she organizes and supports different types of health related workshops, events and gatherings throughout the year to promote healthier lifestyles for youth, community members and Elders.

The CHR also takes part in regular upgrading and training to add to work experience and education. In addition, she works closely with other health care and education organizations to deliver additional health related services and training for the community.

One example of this work includes a partnership program with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine where medical students received hands on training in the delivery of health care services in a Native community. This training for future medical professionals exposes these students on the functions and operations of a First Nation’s programs in health, education and administration. The hands on training also allows students to see how the First Nation works with other government agencies in health care, education, justice system and local and regional Aboriginal government.

Health Care Team

The Health department also includes other health care workers including:

Samantha McKenzie
Healthy Babies & Children Worker

Darlene Naveau,
Mental Health Worker

Amanda Ryan, Home Support Worker

Larry Naveau, Medical Transportation Driver

Health care workers are also members of a Community Crisis Team, a group of health trained workers from different fields who act as first response personnel in the event of an emergency. Crisis Team members regularly take part in training workshops to advance their training and add to the skills in emergency response. The team also works in conjunction with Wabun Health Services, through the Wabun Tribal Council, as part of a comprehensive emergency response plan to work in a coordinated effort in the case of a larger regional emergency event.

Community Health Nurse

Christine Dobson
Community Health Nurse

Mattagami FN Health Services is also part of Wabun Tribal Council’s Community Health Nursing Program. Christine Dobson, Community Health Nurse (CHN), works directly with local health staff in delivering health care programs to the community. These programs deal with areas in health promotion, prevention, immunization, communicable disease control, health teaching, home visits, community visits, prenatal and post natal teaching, well baby clinics, school health, adult health, chronic disease and long term care.