Cathy Naveau, Education Director

Cathy Naveau, Education Director

The Mattagami First Nation Education department is headed by Cathy Naveau, Education Director.

The community is fortunate to have the Mary Jane Memorial School, as an elementary school for local students. However, secondary school students attend their education in Timmins and travel by bus from the community to attend their studies in the city. The bus drive from the community to Timmins is about an hour.

In addition to elementary school and secondary school education, community members and the education department staff also help to organize field trips and event participation during the year. In the past youth have participated in educational events such as the annual Diabetes Expo, an event held in Timmins in the fall to promote and educate youth and the general public on diabetes and healthy living.

During the summer break, local organizers also work with Wabun Tribal Council in sending local youth to the annual Wabun Youth Gathering to take part in educational workshops. This annual event serves to promote aboriginal awareness and self esteem with other Aboriginal youth from the Wabun Tribal Council area.Mattagami FN teachers, school staff and community members also take time during the year to organize other events and activities for youth.

One of the major highlights of the year surround the annual school trip. School staff and local organizers work with teachers, parents and the community in establishing a school trip for local students at the end of the school year.

Community members are encouraged to donate to local fundraising efforts for the annual school trip. For those who would like to give more, volunteers are invited to join in fundraising efforts and event management. Parents, grandparents and community members are also invited and encouraged to take part in school planning activities.

Education staff are also looking towards developing a school committee to create a forum for local members to take an active part in discussing education issues. In addition to parents, those attending higher education are also encouraged to take part in the creation of a school committee as an advisor and provide their feedback on education issues.

Secondary and post secondary students are asked to contact Mattagami Education staff at the First Nation administration office for information on support and services.

Education Staff


Meghan Moore, Principal, Mary Jane Memorial School

Information Technology (IT) / Communications

Grayson Luke, IT & Network Coordinator

Fallon Worme, is responsible for communications and working with the community to keep members informed on local and administrative events and announcements. Although she is mainly located at the Mary Jane Naveau Memorial School, Worme also works closely with the First Nation administrative office to create newsletters, memos, job postings and in communicating with the community to keep First Nation members informed and up to date on local events and announcements. Worme will be working with Cindy Mathieu, Administrative Assistant, in developing the monthly newsletter.

At the local elementary school, Worme works closely with Grayson Luke, IT & Network Coordinator in dealing with Information Technologies. She has also built and is now maintaining the school’s website which includes the latest information on programs, projects and events taking place at the Mary Jane Naveau Memorial School. This site can be found at

In addition, she also works with Xavier Kataquapit by providing information and input to him for updating the Mattagami First Nation website at