Chief’s Message

Chief Walter Naveau
Chief Walter Naveau
Mattagami First Nation

Ahnii (Hello) and welcome to the Mattagami First Nation Website. Our new website has been developed so that we can improve our communications with our First Nation members on and off reserve and the public at large. There is a big need these days for us to keep in touch with our members and keep them up to date with all of the positive developments that are taking place in the community. This website has been produced with ease of access in mind so that you can find information you are looking for quickly.

I am so proud of our current council, past Chiefs and councils and staff as we reap the benefit of everyone’s dedication and hard work over the years with so many developments happening with our people. I am also grateful to our Elders past and present for their guidance and wisdom in assisting our leadership and staff in making good choices based on traditional teachings and our culture. Of course we are all mindful that we are working towards a better future for the new generations of Mattagami First Nation.

This is my home and it always has been. My family and friends surround me here on the banks of the Mattagami Lake where I grew up with the teachings of my grandparents, parents and Elders on our traditional lands. It has been a long and rewarding journey for me and I am so grateful to be leading our community at a time when real progress is being made on several fronts in local infrastructure and housing development, economic development, education, health, resource development and a general improvement in quality of life for our members.

Our members are finding business and employment opportunities as a result of successful negotiations with resource developers in mining and forestry. On the basis of mutual respect we have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), Impact and Benefits Agreements (IBA), Exploration Agreements (EA) and other agreements with resource development companies that have come onto our traditional lands. We are proud of so many great partnerships that have resulted in the positive concept of working together for everyone’s benefit. At the same time we take our inherited role as stewards of the land very seriously to make sure that developments take place with care for the environment and with conservation in mind. As part of the Wabun Tribal Council family of six First Nations we benefit from strength in numbers at the table with our own community Mattagami and the First Nations of Beaverhouse, Brunswick House, Chapleau Ojibwe, Flying Post and Matachewan. We also draw from the expertise of the Wabun executive and staff.

Mattagami FN Gas Bar

Mattagami FN Gas Bar

We have a first class school in the community, health workers, a beautiful and functional administration complex, water treatment plant, housing development, religious facilities, a brand new Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services Detachment building and restaurants as well as gas bar services. Some of the companies we are working with include: IAM Gold Corp, Augen Gold Corp., Gold Corp., Lakeshore Gold Corp.(at the company’s Timmins West and Bell Creek projects), Platinex Inc., Liberty Mines and Domtar. Hydro development, forestry initiatives, value added businesses and tourism opportunities are also areas of growth for our community.

We continue to strive to make life better for our members and to enter into negotiations and agreements with resource development companies to provide more career opportunities for our people. Our young people are being trained for promising employment in well paying jobs and we all feel a renewed hope for the future. Please take the time to browse our various departments and familiarize yourself with Mattagami First Nation. For more information you can come by to visit us, call for information, write us or send an email. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services - NAPS Office

Nishnawbe-Aski Police Services – NAPS Office