Annual Pow Wow

Pow Wow 2016

Mattagami First Nation 6th Annual Traditional Reviving Our Warrior Spirit will be held on:

August 20-21, 2016

At the Mattagami FN Pow wow Grounds.

The community is located off of Hwy 144, near Gogama
– 2.5 hrs north of Sudbury,
– 1 hr south of Timmins.

Performers and Guests:
Host Drum: High Ridge Singers, Moose Factory, ON
Co-Host: Ghost River Singers, Moose Factory, ON
MC: Greg ‘Mista Wasis’ Dreaver
Arena Director: Josh Couchie
Adult leads: Male Head Dancer TBD & Female Head Dancer Janelle Golinowski Mattagam Fn
Youth leads: Jeremy Worme, Saskatchewan & Tessa Thomas, Mattagami FN

Powwow Planning Committee

This year the powwow is being organized by a volunteer planning committee. We are responsible for seeking sponsorships, the selection of head staff, advertising and fundraising. In terms of the sponsorships, this year the committee has also developed a level for sponsorships which we plan on advertising at the powwow.

The 6 sponsorship levels are:

  1. Eagle – $5,000
  2. Moose – $2,000
  3. Wolf – $1,000
  4. Jr. Eagle – $500
  5. Jr. Moose – $200
  6. Jr. Wolf – $100

Promotional Poster

A promotional poster has been created to promote the upcoming 6th Annual Traditional Gathering. Click on the image below to view a larger sized image of the poster.


For more information please contact:

Dorothy Naveau,
Coordinator of the Mattagami Pow Wow Planning Committee

by phone at 705-894-2072
by e-mail at

“Everything is coming together and we are looking forward to our next Annual Pow Wow in August”
– Dorothy Naveau

Also visit our dedicated Facebook page at:

Mattagami First Nation Annual Traditional Pow wow – Public Page

Dorothy Naveau,
Coordinator of the Mattagami Pow Wow Planning Committee