Annual Events

Mattagami First Nation administration supports several annual events, gatherings and activities each year that are organized and coordinated by community members  and volunteers.

To maintain the number of activities and maximize available funding dollars, all organized events for the community are led by volunteers.

Annual Events

Several major events take place in Mattagami First Nation during the year.

Mattagami First Nations Walleye Tournament

Mattagami First Nation members also help to organize the Mattagami First Nations Live Release Walleye Tournament. The annual event is part of the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail (NOWT) series that also feature walleye tournament events in Dubreuilville, Geraldton, Sault Ste Marie, Kapuskasing, Timmins and Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation.

The annual event takes place every year in June in Gogama, on the shores of Mattagami Lake. Participants or visitors who would like more information on entry fees, registration or to become an event volunteer should contact the First Nation office at 705-894-2072

Mattagami First Nation Pow Wow

The annual Mattagami First Nation Pow Wow is organized and managed by community members.

The event is held every year in the community in the summer, usually in August.

For more information on our latest upcoming Pow Wow go to –

Mattagami FN 2016 Pow Wow


In the spring, usually in early May, the annual Beaverfest is hosted in Mattagami First Nation along with the Gogama & Area Fur Harvester’s Council. Although this event does not fall under the recreation department, this is another major annual event for the community.

The one day event was started in 1991 by Elder Leonard Naveau, his partner Linda Penasse and their friends Evelyn Boissoneau and Willard Harnack as a way to educate young people in Mattagami FN, Gogama and the surrounding area about trapping and to promote this traditional activity. Beaverfest primarily gives local First Nation trappers and members of the Gogama Fur Council an opportunity to demonstrate and educate the public and youth on the history and culture of animal trapping.

The event has become a successful annual gathering that brings out the community as well as visitors from far and wide. Elder Leonard Naveau explained that it is also a way of educating local youth about their community’s traditional way of life.

The Annual Beaverfest is normally held in the community in April.


To find out more information on any of the events, or how you can become a volunteer please call the Recreation Department at 705.894.2072 or 1.888.269.7729

Mattagami FN Roofed Outdoor Rink

Mattagami FN Roofed Outdoor Rink